Fan no Hitori – Uprising (pt 3/end)

uprising p3 blog post one

And now for the rousing conclusion to our tale of Orc lovin’  🙂

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4 Responses to Fan no Hitori – Uprising (pt 3/end)

  1. svines85 says:

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    from the hentai side 🙂

    • Helky says:

      Thank you very much, very nice editing !
      I don’t know if it’s okay with you but can you tell me what font you used in this manga ? I really liked the 2 fonts used for the moaning and even the one used for the talking and the thinking but I didn’t find them. 😡
      I’d really appreciate it if you agreed to tell me what are these fonts.

      Thanks and keep up the good work !

      • svines85 says:

        Thanks 🙂

        Yeah, the author used a lot of different fonts 😀

        Convo is animeace and #44 font, ccjimlee on thought, shouts/moans have another, mangatemple, broken, alertnotice, shin akiba punx, pwmambo and special case. That’s most of them I think, though I know there are others in there used in one or two spots or whatever……if there’s some specific spot/font that you see that I missed just let me know, it’s no problem 🙂

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