Pet Life After Fusion (Hansharu)

PLAF 2 blog post

Nanamehan (Hansharu) – Pet Life After Fusion 2 (yeah, as I understand it, part 1 is obscure and hasn’t yet turned up online  >_< )

from the EH bounty system and theshowmustgoon  🙂

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3 Responses to Pet Life After Fusion (Hansharu)

  1. Grey says:

    part 1 was relesed and can e found easy just by looking up “Joukenhansha Surikomi Dan Pavlov Bread” online. its not been translated by anyone though

  2. svines85 says:

    this one you mean, right?

    Yeah, I’d seen that one and thought just the same thing (I’d actually seen an older version of it, maybe it was the Chinese one, back when I was either just editing this one or right after finishing it)…’s apparently not “part 1” to this one though, just similar characters and themes from the same author according to theshowmustgoon, who seemed fairly well-versed on them. 🙂

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