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Kinbaku Josou Shounen (Daichi)

From Daichi (Haikibutsu) and April 2014, Kinbaku Josou Shounen, the story of a young boy in love……..well, in love with being a crossdressing little M, but still, yeah, young love 😀 download – (MEGA) read online –

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Otome Before After (Mai-Otome)

A full color Mai-Otome doujinshi by Fujito (Fujidana), through the courtesy of Red_Piotrus and the EH bounty system  🙂 read online – download –

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Pre-release “Happy New Year” post thingy…

Happy New Year to one and all  🙂 and yeah, I’ve got a release to make, I’m just not quite to it yet…..

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