Hakka Shoujo – Extra Story (Miura Yasuto – Towako Ichi)

hakka shoujo 1 bp one

A short, non-h piece from Towako Ichi.

Thanks to CapableScoutMan 🙂

and, on a sidenote, (roughly) the 300th release for this fan scanlations group

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2 Responses to Hakka Shoujo – Extra Story (Miura Yasuto – Towako Ichi)

  1. Hentai_Saikõ says:

    Hello guys, thanks for sharing all these lovely lewd stuff with us. S2
    Btw, I wanted to know if [Towako Ichi] is still ongoing in Japan or if it ended.
    Thanks for the attention ^^

    • svines85 says:

      Towako 1 (Ichi) came out 6/30/2016, Towako 2 on 3/30/2017…….so yeah, like 9 months in between, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard rumors about when the next one is supposed to come out (I don’t know if it’s on any set schedule or not), but yeah, not sure, I myself don’t keep up with that kind of thing much 🙂

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