Human in the Loop – Takayuki Hiyori

TH1 bp one

From the Bessatsu Comic Unreal Ningen Bokujou Hen Digital-ban Vol. 6 anthology, Takayuki Hiyori’s Human in the Loop. Heh…… A merry band of cute little dog girls (and maybe the odd catgirl or two) find a better life through technology 😀

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0 Responses to Human in the Loop – Takayuki Hiyori

  1. Fanny says:

    Can you identify the source for the credit page with the cat/foxgirl with the kimono?

  2. svines85 says:

    Gosh, something I culled from somewhere or the other, sorry, I really don’t know for sure…. here’s a full shot of it…

    You might check/get luck with google image search 🙂

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