Cherry Womb (Kokonoki Nao)


From COMIC ExE 01 (5/2016) and Kokonoki Nao, Cherry Womb …..yup, momma (to be) decides that if daddy can do it, so can she 😀

Much thanks to Dynellen 🙂

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12 Responses to Cherry Womb (Kokonoki Nao)

  1. Gin-san says:

    Thanks so much, very good work!
    Please name fonts?
    Sorry my english 🙂

  2. Jin says:

    Are you going to translate “this is the mating frontier “chapter 2?? (Sorry for my bad english )

    • svines85 says:

      I believe Dynellen is working on it, yes 🙂

    • Dynellen says:

      I’ve had the script ready for that for like a month and a half at this point. Unfortunately there’s still no high resolution scans of the magazine. I just think Orutoro’s brilliant art really deserves proper high resolution, I was fine with using digital scans for Takatsu’s My Dear Maid because that’s guaranteed to get a tank but this thing is seemingly only 2 chapters long and at Orutoro’s working pace it may never get a tank release so I’d rather the sole translated version be as good as possible.

  3. Jim Pickens says:

    Hey, I was wondering if you did requests, and if so, if you could translate a few of Yogurt Prince’s artworks (other than Takenokoya, he’s my favorite)? I love his artwork, and would love it even more if I knew what was happening through the text. I have 6 sets of his artwork, all of which (I think) are mini stories of boys who get trapped in a tentacle like monster or by demon boys and milked of their semen. All of these sets are from the Hitomi website.

    Links for them are:

    l would even appreciate it if you just translated the text onto a document, and linked it to the proper scene/picture and labeled the text respectively to who is talking (Example: boy 1, demon 2, story text, etc). If that would be a quicker process for you, instead of editing the text into the speech bubbles and text boxes.
    I’ve been trying to find a translator for these for almost 2 years. Funny enough over the 2 years I’ve been getting more and more to translate, and have gone all over the web trying to find translators, finding that many either quit or were too busy.

    If you are not able to translate them, in either fashion, that’s totally fine.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    • svines85 says:

      No problem 🙂

      I wish I could, but I’m just an editor, I don’t/can’t personally translate J to E, sorry.

      • Jim Pickens says:

        Thanks for the reply.
        Do you know/have contact with anyone who can, and usually does do this type of genre (shota, milking, etc)?

        • svines85 says:

          Not really, no, sorry. I’d personally suggest you try the translation bounty board on E-Hentai, the Cove of Scanlators section on the E-Hentai forums to recruit someone, and also the forum recruitment sections on Manga Updates, Batoto and MangaFox. You might also try directly contacting some of the other scan groups that do hentai, you might have better luck with some of them Good luck 🙂

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