Akebi no Mi – Yuuko (Sanbun Kyoden)

yuuko bp1

Ah, the blooming of true love (or lust, take your pick), such a beautiful thing…….well, for some I guess 😀

Much thanks to DST’s for translating 🙂




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5 Responses to Akebi no Mi – Yuuko (Sanbun Kyoden)

  1. psyburn21 says:

    Hey great job on that Sanbun. Shoot me an email if your interested in working on more Sanbun doujins.

  2. Berserk says:

    Hi, ty for the job,
    [Sanbun Kyoden] Gekkakou no Ori Ch.8, will you translate it?

  3. Kkhan says:

    Thanks for this. A big fan of Sanbun. Will you be completing the Yuuko series?

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