Kinkue! Hatsujou Kemonotachi wo Kare! (dameningen+)

yaoi quest one bp 1

From RIR (dameningen+) and the (COMIC1☆8) convention (04/2014), the Monster Hunter dj “Kinkue! Hatsujou Kemonotachi wo Kare!” or URGENT QUEST! Hunt Down the Beasts in Heat! …..yup, taking on all those big, manly conga seemed like a piece of cake to our crossdressing young hero, right up until things went horribly, horribly wrong 😀

Much thanks to maipantsu 🙂

download –!Gx0lRaSK!_enK18yZ7TCKK_mRBkFytW5myrIK_cIIbg5wRRo_yVQ

read online –

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