Hatch – Utopia

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From Hatch and the September edition of Comic Aun, Utopia




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3 Responses to Hatch – Utopia

  1. Solderman says:

    Oh man, that ending….now this is what I call fucked up. I don’t really see why it was necessary either.

    • svines85 says:

      Mmmm…………well, it’s just how that author rolls I guess. From all I’ve seen, all their stuff is like that to some degree or other. Definitely not happy stuff………..hot, yeah, but not happy 🙂

  2. sensualaoi says:

    I preferred my translation much better. It stayed more true to the original publisher’s intent, in an artistic way.. http://exhentai.org/g/747060/db47475d5d/

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